Improving Vision, Improving LifeEye Surgeons and Physicians, Salt Lake City, Utah

original_homeWelcome to Salt Lake Eye Associates, LLC, where our focus is on providing quality care, helping you maintain your healthy eyes and restoring vision to people who suffer from a wide range of vision impairments. The world we live in is beaming with beauty, splashed with detail, and radiating with color, which is why our team works diligently to provide exceptional eye care and surgical treatments to support and improve your eyesight.  Our medical director, Dr. Rachel S. Benator, is more than one of Salt Lake City, Utah’s top eye care professionals.   She recognizes the importance of providing quality service to her patients, her community, her state eye society, her national eye society and our international community. On top of that, she’s renowned for her agility on the tennis court as well. Dr. Benator’s eye for precision and emphasis on intricate detail on the court and in the office sets her apart from other eye surgeons in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our Mission…

For years, Salt Lake Eye Associates has been serving surrounding communities in Utah and helping patients from around the world. Our team doesn’t just offer vision correction solutions; we offer encouragement, education, extended personalized treatment plans, gentle eye care services, and results that will last for years to come. Dr. Benator’s desire to help people who are suffering extends beyond the vast red canyons of Utah. She is part of a group of volunteers that has traveled to West Africa, South America, Solomon Islands, and Nepal to provide eye care and perform surgical procedures for people of all ages who were desperately in need of refractive treatment. Comments from patients after surgery indicated the deep impact of Dr. Benator’s efforts. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen my granddaughter,” one patient said. Giving people a new outlook on life, by simply performing an eye procedure, is what the team at Eye Care Associates loves to do.

What We Offer…

Our practice, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a variety of treatment options for correcting or enhancing your vision. Because we have your best interest in mind, we tailor all of our refractive procedures to flawlessly fit your needs and surpass your expectations. The eye surgeons at our clinic in Salt Lake City provide general ophthalmology treatments as well as LASIK, IntraLase, cataract surgery, and near vision corrective procedures that can enhance your vision significantly.