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At Salt Lake Eye Associates, quality is our focus, and providing superior treatments that are personalized and tailored to fit your needs is our highest priority. Out of the thousands of patients that we see, no two pairs of eyes are the same. It is for that reason that Dr. Rachel offers a range of surgical and non-surgical vision correction procedures at her Salt Lake City, Utah eye center. These treatments can help improve and preserve our patients’ vision.

lasik Salt Lake City


LASIK is a surgical procedure, intended to decrease a person’s dependency on visual aids like contacts or glasses. During the surgery, refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can be corrected. By modifying a patient’s corneal tissue with a specialized laser, Dr. Benator can reshape the cornea, providing immediate relief and instantaneous results. Read More about LASIK

Near Vision

NearVision CK

NearVision CK uses radio waves, instead of a laser or scalpel, to reshape the cornea, eliminating the need to make an incision in the corneal tissue. This alternative is perfect for patients who have never had a need for glasses until later in life, or want to vastly improve their near vision. The procedure takes less than five minutes to complete and is performed at our Salt Lake City eye center. Read More about NearVision CK

intralase Salt Lake City


Even though LASIK eye surgery has become a popular procedure worldwide, Dr. Rachel Benator offers patients in Salt Lake City an alternative – IntraLase. Patients will often see better results in their vision correction if they undergo IntraLase, a blade-free laser technology, than with traditional LASIK surgery. Using the IntraLase method, the first step in the LASIK procedure – creating the corneal flap – is done by a laser rather than a sharp razor blade. The corneal incision is more precise, yielding more accurate results in your vision correction. Read More about InterLase

Cataract Surgery Utah

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery takes one hour to complete and can be performed at our Salt Lake City vision correction center. The symptoms of early cataract may be improved with new eyeglasses, brighter lighting, anti-glare sunglasses, or magnifying lenses. If these measures do not help, surgery is the only effective treatment. According to the National Institute of Health, cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. Read More about Cataract surgery

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